Letter Mailings are an intimate way to create a one-to-one communication strategy where variable information can help personalize the message to each individual consumer.  Combine that with creative strategies and incentives, and this format can be a winning strategy for your campaign. This format is perfect for Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Professionals (B2C) campaigns.

Plus we do all the work for you.

Letter Campaigns are perfect for:

  • Business Announcements
  • Seminar Promotions
  • Individual Recruiting
  • Event Promotion
  • Invoicing
  • New Products
  • Existing Customer Campaigns
  • Employee Communication
  • And more

DART does all the work for you.  Your Personal Sales Consultant will assist you with:

  • Demographic Market Overview
  • Target List Building
  • Award Winning Design Team to help you create the perfect piece
  • Printing on high quality paper
  • Mail Delivery and Postage
  • DART Call Response Tracking
  • Postal Receipts and Delivery Confirmations

The DART Partnership Approach:

  1. A DART direct mail expert will meet with you, learn about your business and help create an effective campaign that will get prospective customers to call. We will work with you to determine the best people to target that will yield the most responses and acquire the right list to accomplish this.
  2. Our award winning graphic designers will then custom create your letter and envelope design and text that will give you a unique look and highlight why your prospective customers respond and respond immediately. After your proof approval, we will print and address your postcards.
  3. DART then schedules your delivery to be in-home or at businesses on days that generate the most response.
  4. The piece arrives in homes, and you answer the new customer phone and in-person inquiries. Your DART rep will continually monitor the response with you and will recommend ways to make the campaign more efficient and more effective.

This format is perfect for B2B or Business to Professionals campaigns when you need a more personalized message delivered to your targets.