“The DART magnet campaign worked really well for us. We got a ton of calls and really increased our service business.”
Becky Moore, Dupree Service Manager

Why a magnet mailing campaign makes sense

In today’s economy, getting an edge on your competition is vital for your company’s continued viability. DART direct mail is now giving you the ability to stay in-front of your best potential customers and be the first company they call when they need your services. With DART’s new Magnet Mailer campaign, your company can mail an oversized 6×11 customized postcard with a perforated magnet attached just to the homeowners you want to reach. The target recipients can tear off the magnet and place on their refrigerator or other convenient place to store and use when they need you. Instead of having to go online or search through the phone book, now your potential customers can just go to their refrigerators to find you.

Increase your marketing effectiveness and eliminate your competition

Instead of wasting your marketing budget on advertising that features your ad right along side numerous competitors, you can now be the first and only company your potential customers call.


Magnet postcards are more effective

Several surveys have shown that a magnet postcard can be over 50% more effective than regular postcards.

Because this magnet is intended to stay in a convenient place, your potential customer can easily find you at the precise moment when they need your product or service. This piece is designed to generate new business for you today, tomorrow, and months into the future.

Oversized 6″x11″ will distinguish your business

Because our magnet postcard are printed on a variable printing press using heavy stock, full color 6″x11″ paper, your cards are guaranteed to make an impression on your customers. Our graphic design team is well versed in direct response oriented advertising, so we can generate an impressionable card that will get you a response.

Take charge

Take charge of your leads by adding a DART Magnet Mailer campaign to your marketing plan. And with pricing as low as 40 cents per card, now is a great time to consider this campaign. For more information and a free consultation, please contact us.