Why Radius Marketing?

The best place to find new customers is right in the same neighborhood as your last customer. DART Direct mail’s radius mailer campaign allows you to send customized, attractive oversized postcard mailings to the 100 closest home owners surrounding your current customer.

Where is it mailed to?

This 6×11 high quality postcard is sent to 100 single family homeowners that are closest in proximity to each address you provide. Our team then utilizes both satellite imagery and demographic data to choose which homes to target as a part of the list. And unlike other radius campaigns, DART will NOT target apartments, businesses, or other undesirable addresses.


On each card, we will be printing your customer’s address so the neighbors can see your product or service for themselves. You can also have a personalized offer imprinted on each card in order to entice the recipients to call you immediately.

Ease and Efficiency

Each week, you will just need to supply us with your installation addresses and we take over the process from there. We will locate the 100 closest single family homes to your provided address. We will then print, address, and mail these oversized postcards to the homeowners.


With DART’s fast turn-around times, you can go from address submittal to your postcards being in-home in as little as one week while your yard signs are still up.


All you will need to do is input recent customer’s addresses each week into an easy to use spreadsheet, email it to us, and that’s it. During the next 72 hours (on average), the list will be purchased and the cards will be printed and mailed.


Utilizing new print technology, the customization of this piece will be of first print run quality yielding a more upscale professional looking piece.